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Fireplace repair Vancouver
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Gas fireplace service Vancouver

* thermocouple
* Remote Control
* Gas Controls
* Gas Fireplace Glass
* Pilot Assemblies
* Gas Fireplace fan

* Remote Control Sets
* pilot Assembly
* Thermopile
* Thermostats
* Piezo Ignitors
* Toggle Switches

Gas fireplace fix Greater Vancouver 

Fireplace Repair Vancouver: in consumer care we get a lot of calls about what to do if we try to light our fireplace and it doesn’t start!?

what we would like to talk to you about is, just a couple of little troubleshooting things that will help you in that situation.

The first step is to determine whether you have a standing pilot system Gas Fireplace or an intermittent pilot system ?

or kind of an electronic ignition ?

If You look in the fireplace and you  see a pilot light, now that could mean that you have a standing pilot system and You need to light the pilot or if you have an intermittent pilot system and it

just isn’t lighted, so to determine that you need to get into the controls area of the fireplace.

Gas Fireplace inspection Vancouver

You need to  find the control valve, all  gas fireplaces have a control valve but not all control valves are the same !

In Some Gas Fireplaces you can see the control valve has a knob to adjust the flame height higher or lower and that’s the only knob you can see.

If You do not see a knob that says pilot on and off!  if you had a standing pilot system you would see that knob.

If you did see the pilot on-off knob, you have a standing pilot system, your pilot light should be lit all the time .

If it’s not lit you can refer to the pilot lighting instructions.

Now if you determined that you have an intermittent pilot ignition fireplace, you want to know if it’s sparking and trying to light the pilot.

You do that by visually looking into the fireplace attempting to turn it on and seeing if you can visually see a spark.

If you don’t see a spark in your fireplace you want to check to see that your ignition module is plugged in  or not, if it is plugged in make sure there’s power to the fireplace .

Gas fireplace maintenance Vancouver

Once you determined that you do have spark to the fireplace and you still don’t get a fire, you need to make sure you have gas.

The manual gas shutoff valve is located in bottom part of the fireplace, it has either a bright red  or bright blue manual valve, when the valve handle is in on position the gas supply is on.

Now that you’ve looked at two or three different things to get your fireplace started, if it still won’t light we need to ask you to contact us !

Our Certified and trained gas fireplace Technicians are the best resource to get your fireplace lighted safely, easily and quickly, our technicians do carry there certifications from BC Safety authority

Gas fireplace services in greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley

Gas fireplace cleaning Vancouver Check list

  • Clean the burner and adjust the pilot flame
  • Clean the glass of fog and black soot
  • Clean the firebox and check for cracks or defective parts
  • Remove logs and clean any dirt, white powder and dust from the main burner .
  • Check for the carbon monoxide and gas leaks.
  • Changing logs.
  • We check the fan and cleaned it
  • Remove old embers and install new
  • Inspect and clean burner and burner orifice
  • Check inlet air ducts
  • Inspect outside termination
  • Check micro switches (hi-limit & glass switch)
  • Diagnostic test on gas valve  (gas pressure)
  • Diagnostic test on thermophile  (check for millivolts

 Fireplace service maintenance makes and models

  • Archgard
  • Heat-N-Glow
  • Heatilator
  • Hunter
  • InstaFlame-Majestic
  • Superior-Lennox
  • Valor

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