Fireplace Repair Pitt Meadows: Efficient Heating Services is your go-to source for all of your full fireplace service and repairs in Greater Vancouver and Fraser valley Whatever your needs, when you are looking for fireplace repair, our specialized technician can provide you with comprehensive, efficient, and affordable gas fireplace repair services.

When you are ready to have your fireplace upgraded or repaired, trust the 20 years experienced technician at Efficient heating Services for all of your fireplace service needs.

Efficient Heating Fireplace Services provides the residents of Pitt Meadows with a wide selection of fireplace parts and more to provide a truly customized fireplace repair and service our technicians, will come to your home to help you out with your gas fireplace problem, all of our Technicians are certified under BC safety authority.

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With Efficient Heating Services

  • Are you trying to start up your gas fireplace but you can’t?
  • Is your gas fireplace glass always foggy?
  • Are you turning on your switch but your fireplace doesn’t start?
  • Do you smell gas from your fireplace?
  • Are you wondering about the carbon monoxide leak from your gas fireplace?

If you have any questions about your gas fireplace, give us a call. Our certified and fully trained gas fireplace technicians are 24/7 available to answer all your questions.

It is really important to hire a company that has experience in fixing gas fireplaces because gas fireplaces are really tough to repair compared to all other gas appliances.

Gas fireplace repair by experts

It is practically impossible to repair a gas fireplace without having sufficient knowledge, expertise and skills. Accordingly, in the process of repairing heating equipment such as gas fireplaces, expertise and experience are the first and last words. With the beginning of the cold season, the demand for fireplace service and repairs is accompanied by a growing trend. On the other hand, the repair process of this model of heating equipment should be done under the supervision of experienced and expert servicemen and repairmen.

The necessity of Gas fireplace maintenance

Gas fireplace repair is one of the main prerequisites for the optimal and optimal operation of your fireplace. The production and distribution of pleasant and uniform heat in the cold season of the year requires the health of the internal components of the fireplace. On the other hand, not paying attention to the service and repair of the gas fireplace increases the possibility of serious and unpleasant accidents such as gas suffocation. According to statistics and figures, every year a large number of people suffer from gas suffocation due to gas leakage from fireplaces. Therefore, one of the effective solutions to prevent these problems is to diagnose and repair gas fireplaces in a professional and principled manner.

How to troubleshoot and repair a gas Fireplace

Sometimes there is a disturbance in the functioning of gas fireplaces. The occurrence of problems in these devices comes from various causes and factors. Accordingly, the first step to solve system problems is to diagnose and service the fireplace. In the structure of gas fireplaces, there are important parts such as thermocouple, bobbin, candle and lighter. The correct operation of each of these parts leads to the production and distribution of heat in the interior.

Sudden shutdown is one of the common problems of gas fireplaces. In many cases, the main cause of this problem is related to the malfunction of the fireplace thermocouple. This piece, while increasing the safety factor, is responsible for setting and managing the temperature of the fireplace flame. In addition, thermocouple is one of the important parts embedded in the structure of gas fireplaces.

Failure to form a flame, failure of the candle, non-adjustment of the temperature of the fireplace, non-uniformity of the flame, fluctuation of temperature and clogging of the gas flow path are other common problems of gas fireplaces. The infiltration of dust and pollution in the air will block and close the flow of gas entering the burner. When the gas inlet is blocked, the user faces the problem of not turning on the fireplace.

Fireplace Repair in Surrey

Fireplace Repair Pitt Meadows: Gas Fireplace Annual Service and Inspection Importance

According to the BC Safety Authority standard, all gas appliances need to be serviced and inspected every year. The main reason for doing service and inspection of your gas fireplaces is safety Concerns.

This is one of the reasons that the government always encourages homeowners to do this service and inspection and there’s always a rebate available for the homeowners that they’re doing annual service inspection on their gas appliances.

Service must be provided by Certified gas contractors. Here is the list of Inspections and services that need to be done.

Hired Gas Contractor Need to

  • Check for gas leak
  • Clean the burner if it needs it
  • Make sure that the glass is 100% sealed
  • Check for carbon monoxide leak Using special detector
  • Check gas pressure on your fireplace
  • Make sure that there is no Backdraft of CO
  • Check the manifold pressure
  • Make sure that there is no Backdraft of CO
  • Clean and vacuum your logs
  • Clean dust above your Firebox
  • Make sure that all electrical components are functioning properly
  • Make sure there is no loose connection on gas connections
  • Test your thermocouple and power generator
  • Clean your glass
fireplace checklist
  • If you’re hired a gas contractor is trained and certified they should be doing all mentioned services and inspections during their service call.
  • If they don’t you can ask them to explain to you why they are not doing all these services.
  • If you’re hired a gas contractor is trained and certified they should be doing all mentioned services and inspections during their service call.
  • If they don’t you can ask them to explain to you why they are not doing all these services.

Gas Fireplace Operation Sequence How Does Gas Fireplace Works?

Our Fireplace Repair Pitt Meadows technicians will explain full fireplace operation for you during the service call. There are several electrical and mechanical components involved during a gas fireplace operation. In most gas fireplaces there is a switch and Thermostat on the wall, or a remote control to call for heat.

Thermocouple: when fire Hits the thermocouple and heats it, it generates low voltage electricity and sends a signal through thermocouples wire to the gas control valve actually this signal for the gas valve is called proof of having a flame!  the gas control valve gets this signal and holds the pilot.

Thermo-pile or power generator:  in thermo-pile only gas fireplaces power generator does the same thing that thermocouple does.

But in fireplaces that has thermocouple and thermo-pile it’s different, these kind of gas fireplaces after the pilot light stays lit and there is a call for heat from thermostat or wall switch or a remote control, thermopile tells to gas control valve to open the gas to the main burner.

Gas valve:

Gas control valve is the brain of your gas fireplace because all other components like a thermocouple, thermo-pile and the thermostat are all wired to the gas control valve and gas control valve has specific connections for each of these components. and that’s why that’s gas control valve is the most expensive part of your gas fireplace when it comes to repair. Fireplace Repair Pitt Meadows

Gas fireplace Service locations in Greater Vancouver

Our certified and trained gas fireplace service and repair technicians go all around the Lower Mainland to repair and service your gas fireplaces. Our gas fireplace technicians do drive fully stocked gas fireplace parts. Fireplace Repair Pitt Meadows

So whenever your gas fireplace breaks down you just need to call our 24/7 open line, our technicians will answer your questions and try to walk you through self-diagnostic if it is possible but if you do need our technicians to drop by and diagnose and repair your gas fireplace, they are all prepared to drive to cities listed below, you just need to click on the links below on each City to see our gas fireplace service and repair in your area.

Gas Fireplace Parts

Gas Fireplace Parts We Always Carry
Thermocouple Remote Control Sets
Remote Control Pilot Assembly
Gas Controls Thermopile
Gas Fireplace Glass Thermostats
Pilot Assemblies Piezo Ignitors
Gas Fireplace Fan Toggle Switches

Gas fireplace Makes and Models

  • Montigo
  • Regency
  • kingsman
  • Myson
  • Napoleon
  • Robinson–Willey
  • Selkirk
  • Hunter
  • Heat-N-Glo
  • Heatilator
  • Archgard
  • InstaFlame-Majestic
  • Superior-Lennox
  • Valor

There are a lot of gas fireplace makes and models in the market these days.  and each gas fireplace has a specific configuration. In order to fix any of these gas fireplaces Technicians that you hire need to have a lot of experience.

We as a gas fireplace repair and service company Train our technicians for each gas fireplace. So, you can have a confident venue hire our technician to take care of your gas fireplace because they know what they are going to deal with.

See all gas fireplaces listed below and see which one is yours! if you see your gas fireplace listed, that means we do repair your gas fireplace.

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