Fireplace repair surrey, when it comes to gas fireplace repair, service, and installation in surrey, you can trust our professional team to take care of your gas fireplace.

You are in honest and 100 % safe hands! if you leave your fireplace-related works to efficient heating services more than 6 years’ work with different fireplace makes and models gives us the confidence to say, we can fix, repair, or install your fireplace for sure.

We have all makes and model parts in our vans. You will have your fireplace fixed and serviced right after having our technicians at your home. We are your reliable full gas fireplace repair service provider. we are committed to providing quality services at very reasonable rates.

Our fireplace services are done only by professionals who have years of experience in the business. And they are all certified through technical safety BC.

fireplace repair surrey

Fireplace Repair - Fireplace Service - Fireplace Cleaning

Fireplace Repair Surrey parts we always Carry

* thermocouple
* Remote Control
* Gas Controls
* Gas Fireplace Glass
* Pilot Assemblies
* Gas Fireplace fan

* Remote Control Sets
* pilot Assembly
* Thermopile
* Thermostats
* Piezo Ignitors
* Toggle Switches

Importance of a gas fireplace service and inspection.

The most important reason is safety, you need to make sure that your gas fireplace is running safely and efficiently because any problem on your gas fireplace causes a fire hazard.

the other reason for doing an annual service and inspection on a gas fireplace is to prevent your Appliance from breaking Downs. The technician during the inspection can find out which part is most likely going to fail and he can recommend fixing or replacing the part.

This is how you don’t come across a sudden winter breakdown on your fireplace. So never wait for breakdowns to happen! call to schedule a time for service and inspection.

Fireplace Repair in Surrey

Gas Fireplace Cleaning and inspection

Gas fireplaces are available in different styles and designs in the market. Since there are no logs or ash in these fireplaces, you can forget about cleaning the gas fireplace. But if you use your fireplace regularly during the colder months, cleaning your gas fireplace is especially important.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of the gas fireplace will make the fireplace burn well and prevent carbon monoxide from entering your home. Annual inspection of fireplace wiring and gaskets by a professional technician is recommended.

What company to choose and why you should choose us for your gas fireplace problem?

As mentioned before experience and being familiar with different types of gas prices is critical. because every fireplace has a different configuration, our gas fireplace repair service technicians are familiar with all gas fireplaces out there. This is the main reason you should choose us.

The other reason is based on the experience most of the times the problems can be solved by doing Simple tricks and services without replacing any part which can be costly for the customer, and we are really good at helping customer saving hard-earned dollars. also we do carry almost every single part you might need for your fireplace.

if cleaning and service didn’t help to fix your fireplace we are ready to replace the parts because we do carry them  And you don’t have to wait for us to come back another day. We work 24/7 that’s why our customers have a large opening window to choose their appointment time. We work after hours but we don’t charge extra, our rates during the day and night are the same.

Fireplace repair Surrey, Fireplace Service Surrey, Fireplace maintenance Surrey

Gas Fireplace Startup Issues

In case the fireplace does not switch on, it might be due to the unlit pilot light. Open the vent and check if there is a small, blue flame at the bottom of the gas fireplace unit. You can light it again using a match-stick or a lighter. To make sure you have no electrical problem, simply set the pilot light valve to the PILOT position.

Press and hold it for about 30 seconds. This can be one of the simplest gas fireplace repair tasks that you can do. While the button is pressed down, push the restart button and see if there is a spark or a flame. The absence of spark might indicate electrical issues with the pilot light control unit.


Burner Problems with your Gas Fireplace

Another common problem associated with using gas fireplace units is due to the main burner functioning very sluggishly or not turning on at all.

This mainly occurs due to loose wiring. So check the wiring of the burner as well as the voltage being provided. Adequate wiring and voltage can effectively solve this problem. Additionally, for better performance, it is advised to clean the burner along with the stem.

Surrey Gas Fireplace glass 

Surrey Gas Fireplace Repair, If there is soot deposited on the glass front of your gas fireplace.
It might indicate a venting problem.

Make sure that the fireplace logs are not misaligned and the venting tube is not blocked by soot or dirt.
It is suggested that you call a professional to deal with the venting problem.

If after Cleaning the fireplace unit still refuses to work properly, it is time to call in professional technicians to perform the gas fireplace repair.

It is highly crucial to have your fireplace unit in perfect condition so as to avoid any serious accidents caused by a faulty device.

Fireplace repair surrey

Fireplace repair Surrey

Gas Fireplace Fuel Types

The choice of fuel is the basis of the efficiency of a typical gas fireplace. Frankly, they can be installed anywhere in your house where the wiring is available.

Moreover, using gas instead of traditional wooden logs increases the overall heating capability of the heating system as well provides benefits such as instant startup, no need for tending, no municipal burning restrictions either and more.

While there is no indoor pollution to be worried about, there is also a constant heat supply which is safer and warmer as well as hassle-free.

How often should a gas Fireplace be cleaned?

It is important to clean your fireplace every year, even when it is not being used much. This will prevent dust from damaging the fireplace mechanisms and allow you to inspect the gas fireplace for health.

Appliances needed to clean the Fireplace

Glass cleaner for the fireplace (if you have a glass fireplace)

  • Hot water
  • Napkin
  • Hand broom, brush, or paint brush
  • vacuum cleaner
  • lace fabric

Gas fireplace cleaning steps

Below are the steps to have a gas fireplace cleaned by the skilled and experienced personnel of Efficient Heating Services:

  1. Making sure that the gas flow is closed

Our professional technicians pay attention to safety first. Therefore, before doing anything, they make sure that the gas flow is closed. They close the gas valve, which is often located on the wall next to the fireplace, and wait a few minutes before starting work. This allows all the gas to escape from the tube. If the fireplace has been used recently, wait until it has completely cooled before cleaning.

  1. Open the components of the fireplace

If the fireplace has glass doors, metal screens or mesh, they are removed to make cleaning the fireplace easier. Also, if you have a space like a yard, our staff will take the parts out for cleaning to prevent dust and soot from spreading inside the house.

  1. When cleaning the fireplace, our personnel will also inspect the fireplace

Our skilled personnel use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the wood or decorative elements of the fireplace. While they are cleaning the fireplace, they check each log or piece for cracks, holes, or burn marks. They then gently remove debris from the burner area and carefully inspect the vent holes for any buildup that could block gas flow.

  1. Cleaning dust and cobwebs with a vacuum cleaner

Any type of stone used in the fireplace will have a lot of dust. The personnel Efficient heating service company clean each piece of stone carefully with a vacuum cleaner. Once the stones are cleaned, vacuum all corners of the fireplace to remove dust, cobwebs, and any insects that may be trapped. They also clean the fireplace components with a soft cloth carefully and patiently.

  1. Cleaning glass or metal door

Many gas fireplaces have glass doors that may become cloudy with particles from the combustion process. Regular cleaning of the fireplace will help prevent permanent stains on the glass. Personnel Efficient heating service company never use ordinary window or stove cleaners to clean fireplace doors.

If the fireplace has a metal or net screen, they clean it with a special brush or vacuum cleaner on both sides to remove the dust well. For glass and metal enclosures, wipe the edges with a damp cloth to remove dust. Also, our staff will check the rubber gaskets on the glass doors for any damage or cracks and replace the gasket if any damage is found.

  1. Cleaning inside the fireplace and burner

Now is a very good time to clean soot or dust from the corners of the fireplace. Our professionals dust the inside of the fireplace well with a soft cloth.

  1. Reassemble the fireplace

After cleaning all fireplace components, professional personnel Efficient heating service company reassemble the burner, logs and stones, and install glass or exterior panels.

  1. Checking the external vents of the fireplace

If your gas fireplace vents to the outside, it should be inspected by a professional every month. At this stage, the expert personnel will carefully check the fireplace vent to make sure it is not blocked by leaves or animal droppings.

Fireplace Repair Surrey, Thermocouple Problem

 Thermocouple works as a feedback mechanism, keeping the room temperature under control by regulating the heat supply.
A malfunctioning thermocouple can be one of the reasons leading to the sluggish burning of the main burner as mentioned above.
To ensure that it works properly, the thermocouple is to be tightly fitted in the gas control valve.
Moreover, check the system’s wiring against the diagram provided with the unit’s manual. If the problem persists, it is best to have the device replaced

fireplace repair surrey

Fireplace Repair Surrey fireplace service Surrey fireplace maintenance Surrey

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Other than these two easy fixes you need to call  a company to take care of the gas fireplace problem

 For example:

if your turning switch on and your  Pilot Knob is on at the gas fireplace still doesn’t come on or if the gas fireplace comes on but it goes off again or if you cannot see your pilot light it’s completely out if you smell gas or if you feel you have a headache when your gas fireplace is running or possibly if you smell weird thanks when the gas fireplace is running if you hearing a banging noise if you see. The gas fireplace is getting wet if you feel like that’s your fan doesn’t run on your gas fireplace pads for sterile water possible gas fireplace  problems you need to call professional

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