Fireplace Repair New Westminster

 Fireplace repair new westminster

When you search for gas Fireplace repair New westminster, Efficient Heating Services all make and models, montigo, kingsman, napoleon and more ….  we are just one phone call away for all your fireplace repair and service needs.

We Can fix and service all fireplace makes and models, call our professional team to take care of your gas fireplace.

You are in honest and 100 % safe hands ! if you leave your fireplace related works to Efficient Heating Services

More than 10 Years work with different fireplace makes and models, gives us a confident to say , we can fix , repair, or install your  gas fireplace for Sure.

We have all makes and models parts in our vans.

You will have your fireplace fixed and serviced right after having our technicians at your Home.

Gas fireplace repair and cleaning by expert repairmen

Is your fireplace not working well? Contact us for fireplace repair. To start the fireplace in the cold season, you may need a fireplace service. A fireplace repairman who is well acquainted with fireplace repair and service can repair and service the fireplace for you. Gas Fireplace Repair and fireplace service throughout British Columbia (Vancouver) by our experienced repairmen.

Leave the service and repair of the fireplace to its specialist

It is not possible to find the cause of fireplace failure, Gas Fireplace Repair and Gas Fireplace Service without having enough skills. In other words, Gas Fireplace Repair requires expertise. Whatever the reason for the sudden shutdown of the gas fireplace, the key to solving fireplace problems is in the hands of a fireplace repairman.

In many cases, problems and failures are related to the fireplace thermocouple. Since fixing gas fireplace requires years of experience, it is better not to install the gas fireplace thermocouple or replace it with little experience or watching a few training videos. Efficient heating services company for Gas Fireplace Repair and fireplace repairs in British Columbia (Vancouver) introduces its experienced and expert repairmen.

Gas fireplace maintenance cost

Determining the final cost of Gas fireplace maintenance depends on various factors. Before estimating the cost, the main cause of the failure of the gas fireplace must be determined. The highest costs related to the repair of gas fireplaces are related to the repair of main parts such as candles, igniters and thermocouples. In the meantime, if parts need to be replaced, the final repair costs will also increase. Also, the amount of the repairman’s salary, checking and evaluating the parts and the type and model of the device are other factors affecting the final costs of Gas fireplace repair.

You can contact our professional and experienced repairmen in efficient heating services for periodical service or repairs of your fireplace to solve your problem in the shortest possible time. One of the most widely used fireplaces in the market is its gas model, which is why Gas fireplace repair is very important.

Fireplace thermocouple repair

Fireplace thermocouple is one of the important parts in Gas fireplace repair. A thermocouple is a piece used to measure the temperature of a fireplace flame, and it is very similar to a gas heater. Many of the problems that occur with the fireplace come from this part. Thermocouple repair is performed by our repairmen at efficient heating services at the lowest cost on site.

Repairing the Fireplace candle

The fireplace candle is one of the sensitive parts of this heating device that may fail for various reasons. It is easily repaired by our team of experts in British Columbia (Vancouver).

Efficient Heating Services is one of the reliable and specialized gas fireplace service and repair centers in British Columbia (Vancouver). In the light of benefiting from skilled service workers, this complex offers its dear customers the process of troubleshooting and repairs of all types of gas fireplaces.

Providing the best and most appropriate price, the possibility of sending a repairman to the customer’s place, providing specialized and professional services, providing 24-hour services, speed in service delivery and service guarantee are prominent features of efficient heating services.

The reason for the gas Fireplace turning off

Before doing anything to repair a gas fireplace, you should see if there is enough gas to the fireplace or not. After releasing the flame page, the flame should remain lit for 15 seconds. The cause of the gas fireplace turning off is usually related to the fireplace thermocouple or coil. All actions related to fireplace service and fireplace thermocouple installation must be done by the fireplace service technician.

If the thermocouple is not heated, the coil cannot provide the gas transfer path to the spark plug. As a result, the cause of the wall fireplace turning off can also be from the side of the coil.

Failure of the coil causes the wall fireplace to turn off. Of course, in cases like repairing a stone fireplace, the cause of the shutdown may be the blockage of the chimney path. So, all these items should be checked by the fireplace service for troubleshooting and correct diagnosis.

Fireplace repair new westminster

fireplace repair New westminster

 Are you Looking for a trustworthy, efficient, affordable service provider for your gas fireplace?

Efficient Heating & Air-conditioning  is here to help whether your fireplace needs an annual service or has a problem that needs repair. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and dedication.  Call us for all your fireplace needs.

Our service area includes the greater Vancouver Area and Fraser Valley and everywhere in between.

 Our highly trained and experienced staff provides quality services at reasonable rates.
We guarantee satisfaction within every service that we provide

 Fireplace maintenance New Westminster our checklist

  • Vacuum under control panel area
  • Vacuum out convection blower / fan kit
  • Clean fire screen with soft paint brush
  • Check Glass Gasket for proper seal
  • Diagnostic test on thermocouple
  • Replace pilot assembly (if needed)
  • Test incoming gas pressure and test for leaks
  • Re-paint interior of firebox  (if needed)
  • Clean and check operation of convection blower
  • Inspect remote control operation  (if available)
  • Remove deco front and clean
  • Remove glass panel and check for proper seal
  • Remove log set and clean
  • Remove old embers and install new
  • Inspect and clean burner and burner orifice
  • Check inlet air ducts
  • Inspect outside termination
  • Check micro switches (hi-limit & glass switch)
  • Diagnostic test on gas valve  (gas pressure)
  • Diagnostic test on thermophile  (check for millivolts

Fireplace repair New westminster  

 Efficient heating services serves customers in new westminster area, we also serve customers in all greater vancouver and fraser valley, we are registered with the technical safety BC.

For gas fireplaces with the millivolt system and pilot light, we provide a full service for one flat fee plus parts, if parts are needed.

 For the newer, electronic ignition gas fireplaces we have hourly rates, plus parts (if needed).

 These newer systems usually require more time to service than the older systems.

For prompt, professional & courteous service, call us today at 7787984343

fireplace repair new westminster

fireplace repair fireplace service fireplace maintenance

You as a homeowner should know that there are a lot of gas fireplace makes and models out there, and every single of them has completely different design and configuration.

This brings us to this point that, being a gas fireplace repair or service technician, requires a lot of workplace experience.

When you as a homeowner are going to hire a company to repair or service your gas fireplace, need to find out if that company has experienced technicians that are dealing with that specific gas fireplace make or model.

Our gas fireplace repair and service technicians are working on different makes and models in Grater Vancouver and Fraser Valley.

If you need to repair or service your gas fireplace, here is the list below that our technicians are working on them.

  • Archgard
  • Heat-N-Glow
  • Heatilator
  • Hunter
  • InstaFlame-Majestic
  • Superior-Lennox
  • Valor
  • Kingsman
  • Regency
  • Montigo
  • Myson
  • Napoleon
  • Robinson-Willey
  • Selkirk
  • Ortal

Call: 778-798-4343

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