Montigo Fireplace repair: We as a Gas Fireplace Repair Company Do Repair, Service, and Maintain Montego Gas Fireplace for Years.
as our Gas Fireplace Technicians are repairing and Servicing this Gas Fireplace, They are familiar with all possible problems on this Gas fireplace.

because of the safety Concerns it is Mandatory to annually do Service and inspect your montego gas fireplace.
Montage is an Efficient Gas Fireplace.

In order to use this Gas Fireplace Efficiently, You need to Take care of it.

What is important to know about Montego Gas fireplace?

Montigo Fireplace Repair

We are getting a lot of calls regarding different type of gas fireplace repair needs during the cold season.

Most of the calls are pretty common problems, that can be prevented by doing an annual service and inspection, and this is what home owners must be aware of.

But when it comes to this point that you need to do gas fireplace repair service, it’s time to find a certified and experienced Gas Fireplace Repair & Service technician.

Our gas fireplace repair technicians are fully trained, certified and experienced.

They have been dealing with gas fireplace problems for years and they will definitely find out the problem on your gas fireplace.


  • Explain the problem with your gas fireplace
  • Try their best to keep your cost on repair as low as possible.
  • Keep your place clean
  • Never use any used parts!!
  • Do safe work
  • Don’t leave your place unless your gas fireplace is 100% functional.

 About Montigo Gas Fireplace 

On 1970s Montego was founded on this principle that wood is no longer necessarily the only way to generate fire and natural gas propane other fuels were becoming another heating source,
but also a great way to produce a beautiful fire, a fireplace for many people is not just a heating appliance or like a washer/dryer it’s something that is the centrepiece of a room .
it anchors a room that’s it’s the it’s a thing that people are drawn to in a room.
the quality Montego product is the best in the industry
Montego branch has been in business for 40 years,

Montigo Gas Fireplace : What is Special About it ?

Montigo Fireplace Repair: They make custom products that no other competitor can do any size, any space, any specification
They’re engineers make it work and they’re the only people in the industry that can.
They continue to be focused mostly on building things by hand there predominantly a labor-intensive fabrication shop and They don’t do things in very very high volume .
focus on quality , integrity and beauty of the flame ,

We would say the culture of Montego is is a getter done type culture, where no project is too complicated no ask is too absurd or extreme
it’s it’s truly the best product we have seen in our industry

Montigo Fireplace Repair With our Company

Montigo Fireplace Repair: We would say the culture of Montego is is a getter done type culture, where no project is too complicated no ask is too absurd or extreme
it’s it’s truly the best product we have seen in our industry
we do everything we can and go the extra mile to make sure that at the end of the day the fireplace Your Montego Gas Fireplace is Fixed with our Company

Montigo Gas Fireplace Service Checklist

  • Check for gas leak
  • Check for carbon monoxide leak
  • Take the glass off and clean it with special cleaner
  • Take the logs out and vacuum them
  • Clean and vacuum inside of your fireplace
  • Brush and vacuum dust, hair, dirt
  • Clean all parts like, gas valve, power generator, thermocouple and….
  • Clean the burner
  • Check for gas pressure if needed

 Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley Gas Fireplace Repair and Services, click on Your City

Most of Service Companies don’t travel to some cities for service.
We a Gas Fireplace Repair and Service Company, do travel to all Grater Vancouver and Fraser Valley.
We are just one phone call away from you to book an appointment, and it doesn’t matter which city are you in.

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  • Heat-N-Glo
  • Heatilator
  • Archgard
  • InstaFlame-Majestic
  • Superior-Lennox
  • Valor

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