Fireplace Service Benefits

high-efficiency natural gas fireplaces have a rating of up to 75  percent that means 75% of the fuel is converted into usable heat for your home.

and if there’s a power outage many models will continue to operate making them useful in our cold climate

Here’s how you can keep your fireplace running at its best .

first be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for the safe operation and maintenance of your model.

generally natural gas fireplaces are designed to produce yellow flames to simulate a wood fire  but if you notice

black soot in the flame your fireplace is producing carbon and should be serviced by a qualified technician

if your model has a pilot light check to ensure that it’s lit to avoid gas escaping while natural gas itself is

that smells like rotten eggs ,  if you smell it or suspect a leak call our  24 hour emergency Line.

after normal operation the glass may become cloudy  , to clean it make sure To Call Certified  Gas Contractor

to save energy when not in use turn the pilot light off .

when the fireplace is in full operation avoid touching the glass at all  .

further maintenance includes :

ensuring that the outside Fireplace vent is kept clean and clear of obstructions i. f you’re thinking of

converting a wood-burning fireplace a natural gas insert can be installed into

the existing cavity as long as an approved vent liner is also installed in the chimney a natural gas fireplace is a

safe economical way to keep your home both warm and beautiful.

and taking good care will help extend its working life .

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