Fireplace CO and Fire Hazards

Fireplace CO and Fire Hazards : during cold weather few things can be as  cozy and attractive . fireplaces as their primary heating method to deliver warm throughout a house or room

although fireplaces can provide  warmth and ambiance they can also create indoor air quality issues if the fireplace is not operating properly

combustion gases and particles can enter a home from a chimney and flue that has been improperly installed or maintained.

pollutants from  Gas fireplaces and wood stoves with no dedicated outdoor air supply can’t even be back drafted from the chimney into the living space .

when natural gas  burns a major health threat where they can cause health problems smoke can contain harmful air pollutants such as benzene formaldehyde and other chemicals.

 carbon monoxide is another concern this colorless ,odorless gas interferes with the delivery of oxygen throughout the body people exposed to carbon monoxide may experience a

range of symptoms from headaches and dizziness to death at high concentrations

people are encouraged to have a professional inspect and maintain their Gas and Wood fireplaces and chimneys .

on an annual basis chimney should also be regularly cleaned to remove creosote buildup.

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