Carbon Monoxide Hazards

In this article we will Talk about CO Leak in Gas Appliances .

 can water heater , Furnace , Boilers and Fireplaces leak carbon monoxide ?

before start Reading This Article we want To let You Know that the information in This article are Based on Real Work Experience , Because We are a Company that is Specialist  in repair , Install and Maintain Gas Appliances for Years

we Do Furnace Maintenance, Repair and Install , Boiler Maintenance, repair and Install , Fireplace repair and Service , Water Heater Maintenance , repair and Install .

This is really a big deal in our industry because we walk into houses quite often where the vent is not hooked up properly and that actually allows carbon monoxide  to be released into the house.

if Your Gas  appliances improperly installed you can have problems gas water heaters burn natural gas to create the heat to heat the water,

so what happens is those exhaust fumes go up through the flue in the middle of a water heater.

and when they go through this flue it’s so they can go up exit out to the atmosphere where they’re not going to be a problem .

we’ve got carbon monoxide in the atmosphere very low levels not enough to hurt anybody but if your water heaters  , Furnace , Boiler or Fireplace installed properly  , more direct to the point if the vent is stalled improperly then you can get carbon monoxide gas in your house.

now if you look at the top of the water heater you’ve got the little chimney funnel on top and then you’ve got your flue pipe that sets right down on it.

  it should set down on it  securely  .

the weight of the pipe should actually keep it sitting on it.  we’ve actually walked in houses where the piece of pipe has been pulled off ,  we’ve walked in houses where the piece of pipe has been set over to the side where it’s not lined up !!

anything like this is going to allow carbon monoxide to get directly into your house.

Gas furnace is up in your attic , if you look at them they’ve got that type B vent which is the double-wall vent coming off and going up through the roof and that is to get the carbon monoxide to get those fumes to get that exhausted gas burn smell fumes .

  everything out of the house and I said smell there’s really not a lot of smell to it you normally you need a gas meter or a carbon monoxide detector to come in and test for it .

but  it’s a gas that can make you really sick and even lead up to death so your gas furnace and your water heater are the two biggest things that can cause carbon monoxide in your house if they’re not properly vented or they’re poorly installed , either way  this can lead to problems for you , it can lead to problems for your kids it can lead to problems for anybody that stays in your house or comes in your house

We all have different tolerance levels as to what we can take and what our bodies can handle , but carbon monoxide is a gas you really don’t want to mess with , so we  said earlier that it could be deadly

there are some signs to look for

The symptoms for carbon monoxide start off with headache , okay if every time you go home you get a headache even if it’s a little headache this is something you may need to check  , then it can lead to weakness , then to dizziness ,  when you’re moving around all of a sudden you get up you’ve been sitting in the chair for a while you get up you’re kind of dizzy  nausea and vomiting !

Those are two signs of carbon monoxide poisoning shortness of breath and then confusion , you can also get blurred vision you can get loss of consciousness ,  loss of consciousness is the one that once you reach that point the these carbon monoxide levels have gotten,

So high that it is really damaging your body so the bad thing is after loss of consciousness , if you’re there in that situation too long it can lead to death .

carbon monoxide is one thing you don’t want to mess with it’s one reason why we tell people look plumbers are- or water heaters are supposed to be installed by licensed plumbers they’re supposed to be inspected they’re supposed to pull a permit on it .

These are big things for this reason you want to get that plumbing inspector in to look at it to see if the job was done properly, if it’s vented properly and if it’s installed properly .

So , When it Comes to Gas Leave The Job To Professionals

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