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Vancouver Furnace Maintenance : Forced Air Furnace provides a warm  indoor environment during cold weather.

Like all other  Gas Appliances You Have , A furnace Needs preventive maintenance , Because You Want To Make Sure  it is Running properly , efficiently and is providing good and Safe air quality.

Most homes in North America rely on a central forced air furnace,  that is Running by natural gas fuel oil or electricity , to heat air that is then transferred throughout the property through ducts.


furnace  Should Always Run Safely , But When its is not running properly , could be wasting energy and even be dangerous for the health of building occupants .

if  CO is Leaking into the air in the home , forced air furnaces can also cause indoor air quality issues by spreading CO and even mold and other allergens

throughout the home .

To ensure the Furnace is Running properly , it is a good idea to have it checked annually by a qualified professional .

before the unit is serviced , it is important that any fuel supply and electricity to the unit is shut off furnace filters , should be regularly changed in this step can be easily accomplished by most homeowners.

These might be located at the furnace or in the air supply return in a wall or ceiling.

Some furnaces  have a fresh air intake filters,  the air blower and  also motor housing Must also be inspected and cleaned.

Units with a combustion chamber are checked for any buildup of certain carbon that is then removed the flue pipe is also inspected for any holes, blockages and signs of corrosion.

When We Do Furnace Maintenance Vancouver , one of the first things We check is the air filter.

It is  always positioned on the return side , and it is designed to collect hair ,  dust pet dander ,  just about anything.

Doing Furnace  Maintenance Vancouver is Really important because you want the air going back to the building to be clean .

Now if a fidirty, dirty , the air works a lot harder to get back to the furnace, which drops the efficiency on the furnace and it can lead to service issues.

doing Furnace maintenance is something and Some Stuff that Home owner needs to be aware is something els ! you really want to keep Furnace Room  and 

area of combustion clear,  and that’s something the HVAC tech will check as part of the annual service. Read More about Furnace MAintenance importance at Fortis BC  Here

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