Gas Fireplace Repair  West Vancouver: When it Comes to gas Appliance repair, Gas Fireplace Repair is the Most Difficult appliance To Repair, Cause You’re Dealing with Really Tight Space and Gas Line at the bottom of The Fireplace

Are you looking for someone to fix your gas fireplace?

You are in honest and professional hands with our company to take care of your gas fireplace problems.

Our certified and experienced gas fireplace technicians will definitely help you out getting right of any problems on your gas fireplace, we can easily replace all the defective parts and they give you one-year parts and labor warranty.

Fireplace Repair West Vancouver

 Fireplace Service in West Vancouver

If your gas fireplace is making soot or if you feel like it’s dusty and you smell something in your gas fireplace, it is definitely the time to do an annual service and inspection.

Our licensed gas fitters will professionally clean your gas fireplace and check for all safety measures to make sure that it is safe to operate.

Fireplace service is one of the most important and simple tasks that prevent damage and pay heavy costs Gas Fireplace Repair. Among the services provided by the expert personnel of the efficient heating service company during the fireplace service, the following can be mentioned:
• Cleaning the fireplace from dust and other debris
• Cleaning soft ashes with a broom or vacuum cleaner (if you use a vacuum cleaner, change the filter after cleaning and servicing the fireplace)
• Cleaning the fireplace and its components with water and bleach liquid (including the environment of the fireplace and itself)
• Polishing of metal parts at the end of fireplace service to increase beauty

 Fireplace Repair, Service and Installation West Vancouver :

 Call our professional team to take care of your Gas Fireplace.

you Are in honest and 100 % Safe hands ! if you leave your Fireplace related Works to Efficient Heating Services

More than 10 Years work with different Fireplace Makes and Models gives us a confident to Say, We Can Fix, repair, or install your Fireplace for Sure

we Have All makes and Models parts in our Vans. you will have your Fireplace Fixed and Serviced right after having our technicians

Gas Fireplace Parts We Always Carry
Thermocouple Remote Control Sets
Remote Control Pilot Assembly
Gas Controls Thermopile
Gas Fireplace Glass Thermostats
Pilot Assemblies Piezo Ignitors
Gas Fireplace Fan Toggle Switches

Fireplace Maintenance West Vancouver

Servicing gas Fireplace can prevent Your Fireplace from braking Down!

Gas Fireplace Service West Vancouver: When the Fireplace is not Serviced for a long Time , Dust , Animal Hairs and …Sits on internal Parts like, Gas Valve Connections , Thermopile , Thermocouple , Safety Switches , ignitor , all these mentioned Parts are working together through Voltage Signals .

if the fireplace is not Serviced ! sometime This communication will not happen and even Cleaning is not gana help anymore! and thats how you need to spend more money to replace Defective parts on Your Fireplace.

What is the reason for the sudden shutdown of the Fireplace?

The reason for the sudden shutdown of the fireplace is mostly due to a problem in the thermocouple of the fireplace. If the thermocouple is not heated well, it cannot send the gas connection message to the fireplace coil, and as a result, the gas injection route to the candle is cut off. Therefore, the reason for the sudden shutdown of the fireplace is the sudden cut off of the gas.

Of course, sometimes the reason for the sudden shutdown of the fireplace can be found in the blockage of the chimney path. Whatever the reason for this common problem, you can prevent it by using an experienced fireplace service and fireplace repair service. Also, with the help of a professional fireplace repairman, quickly fix the problems of the gas fireplace and prevent accidents.
Why should I order Gas Fireplace Service and repair in British Columbia (Vancouver) from “Efficient Heating Services”?
We at “Efficient Heating Services Company” are always trying to provide Gas Fireplace Repair services in the province of British Columbia (Vancouver) in the shortest possible time and at the highest possible level. In addition to the high quality of services, the most competitive prices are offered by the fireplace service provider for all Gas Fireplace Repair services.
Things including the careful selection of experts for fireplace service and fireplace repairs, the existence of a professional profile for experts and every fireplace repairman to check their work records, the existence of a feedback and rating system for customers and follow-ups by the support team, all in order to increase the quality of our services and introduce The best fireplace repair work is for you.

The importance of Gas Fireplace Cleaning

As the nights get colder, the temptation to use the fireplace increases. But you need to make sure the fireplace is clean before lighting the fire. Our recommendation is that before using the fireplace, the chimney of the fireplace should be checked by an expert to remove the cause of the blockage if the chimney is blocked. Most of the time, blockages are due to the remaining leaves of trees, wood and animal nests.

In this case, the possibility of fire increases. On the other hand, the dirt of the chimney and its clogging increases the carbon monoxide in the atmosphere of the house and exposes the members of the family to the smoke, therefore, by cleaning the fireplace, the risk of fire is reduced. Apart from unclogging the chimney and cleaning it, it is necessary to remove stubborn stains and soot from the fireplace to improve the efficiency of the fireplace.
On the other hand, cleaning the soot from the fireplace saves on bills. Therefore, take cleaning and keeping your fireplace clean seriously and ask an experienced repairman to check your fireplace chimney to make sure it is clean and unclogged. The expert and experienced repairmen of the efficient heating services company are ready to serve their dear customers in the province of British Columbia (Vancouver).

Fireplace repair West Vancouver , Our maintenance Checklist

Fireplace Maintenance Check List
Clean the burner and adjust the pilot flame and tune up repair, pressure
Clean the glass of fog and black soot
Clean the firebox and check for cracks or defective parts
Fireplace maintenance checklist
Check for the Carbon Monoxide and Gas Leaks
We Check the Fan and Cleaned it
Changing Logs
And More …

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