Fireplace repair North Vancouver

When it Comes to Fireplace repair ,Service and installation in North Vancouver you Can Trust our professional team to take care of your Gas Fireplace.

you Are in honest and 100 % Safe hands ! if you leave your Fireplace related Works to Efficient Heating Services

More than 6 Years work with different Fireplace Makes and Models gives us a confident to Say , We Can Fix , repair, or install your Fireplace for Sure

we Have All makes and Models parts in our Vans. you will have your Fireplace Fixed and Serviced right after having our technicians

at your Home

* thermocouple
* Remote Control
* Gas Controls
* Gas Fireplace Glass
* Pilot Assemblies
* Gas Fireplace fan

* Remote Control Sets
* pilot Assembly
* Thermopile
* Thermostats
* Piezo Ignitors
* Toggle Switches

Annual Fireplace maintenance North Vancouver

* Clean the burner and adjust the pilot flame and tune up gas pressure
* Clean the glass of fog and black soot
* Clean the firebox and check for cracks or defective parts
* Remove logs and clean any dirt, white powder and dust from the main burner and pilot assemblies.
* Check for the carbon monoxide and gas leaks.
* Changing logs.
* We check the fan and cleaned it


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