cant you light up your hot water tank? this is a most common problem on hot water tanks , and it happens when  either your thermocouple gets old or you have faulty gas  Valve ! there are 2 parts on hot water tanks that can cause this problem

1 – thermocouple

2- Gas Control Valve

in order to have these 2 part fixed or replaced you need to contact a certified gas fitter or gas Contractor Company

Efficient Heating Services has the most Experienced certified Gas Fitters , our hot water tank repair technicians are 24/7 available to take your Call and drop by to take a look to your water heater ,

you will have your hot water tank fixed or replaced using Efficient heating Services , Efficiently and Fast

Efficientheatingservice is a specialist service provider

To talk about the characteristics of the best service provider for water heater repair in Vancouver, it is not bad to introduce one of the experts in this field. Efficientheatingservice is a service provider that, in addition to water heater repair in Vancouver, is also active in the field of fireplace repair, boiler repair, A/C repair, furnace repair, etc.  It means that in addition to water heater repair, you can also benefit from these various services by contacting the technicians of Efficientheatingservice.

Be aware that using professional services for water heater repair in Vancouver is necessary and not optional. If you do not use specialized and high-quality services, in addition to the breakdown of the water heater, there may be countless life and financial risks for you.  The water heater is directly related to hot water, gas, and heat.  Each of these elements, either individually or as a group, is a dangerous and problematic factor. This is exactly the reason why we suggest that you go to specialized service providers like Efficientheatingservice for water heater repair services in Vancouver.


Why Efficient Heating Service?

We told you earlier that Efficientheatingservice can provide you with specialized services. You may be wondering why you should trust what we say. Efficientheatingservice is a specialized service provider that, in addition to providing services of water heater repair in Vancouver, also provides you with warranty services. This means that if the problem is not solved – which is very unlikely – you can use the repair service again for free and remove the existing problems completely. In addition to this, we get help from expert technicians and try to fix the problem in your water heater as quickly as possible with the highest quality. We provide services to customers in the field of repairing the products of Carrier, Lennox, Viessmann, Navien, Goodman, and American Standard brands.


  • Drain Valve
  • Gas Control
  • Piezo Ignitor Assembly
  • Pilot Assembly
  • Thermocouple
  • High Limits
  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

Water Heater Repair Port Moody , All makes and Models

Water Heater Repair Port Moody and All Greater Vancouver

hot water tank replacement

Port Moody

its not a good sing when you see any water leakage around your hot water tank. if the leak is from Tank itself its time to replace your hot water tank

but some times even if your tank is not too old snd you have leak from your tank

if you still have warranty on your hot water tank you can have a new one without spending any Money

give us a call if you see any bad sing around your hot water tank or tankless water heater

Call : 778-798-4343

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