Viessmann Boiler Repair, Service and installation

When it comes to Viessmann boiler repair, Service, or installation in Greater Vancouver, efficient heating service is the most efficient company, you can count on! years of experience in this field gives us this confident to say there is no limit for us in Viessmann boiler related jobs! regular cleaning, any kind of boiler repair, boiler safety inspection, professional  Viessmann high-efficiency boiler installation, we do all.

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Viessmann boiler repair

Why should we entrust the gas boiler installation to an expert?

Many people do it themselves to repair and install the gas boiler in order to avoid additional costs. But you should know that in most cases when people repair the gas boiler without technical knowledge, they damage the sensitive parts of this heating device such as board, pump, burner and converters and double the cost of its repair. Because repairing and installing a gas boiler is a very specialized work and should be done by trained and experienced repairmen and technicians.


When is gas boiler repair necessary?

It doesn’t matter what brand your gas boiler is, how big it is, and what place you use it for. a gas boiler is a high consumption device and it is used in all seasons of the year. In the hot months of the year, the gas boiler is used to produce hot water for consumption, and in the cold seasons, it is used for heating the radiator and heating and heating the environment.

Gas Boiler Installation

 This continuous use will eventually shorten the life of the gas boiler and your device will need more service and repair. Also, the presence of sediments and minerals soluble in water causes deposits in the piping system of the gas boiler and will gradually disable the device. For proper and long-term maintenance of this device, you must periodically service your gas boiler.

But getting help from a gas boiler repairman in British Columbia (Vancouver) who can repair your gas boiler properly and at a reasonable price is a big challenge. If you are looking for a professional and skilled gas boiler repairman, you can visit the website of efficient heating service at To repair your device with the best quality and reasonable price.

The technicians of an efficient heating service company, having expertise and experience in gas boiler services such as gas boiler installation, service, cleaning and repair of gas boilers, provide the best quality for you dear customers.

Gas Viessmann boiler installation in B.C
Gas Viessmann boiler installation in B.C


Actions before and after visiting repair work

After the gas boiler service calls you and coordinates the dispatch time with you, it is better to do the following to repair the gas boiler faster:

  • If the gas boiler is on, turn it off so that the parts cool down.
  • Disconnect the gas and electricity of the gas boiler.
  • Before the repairman enters your home or company, check his specifications with what Efficient Heating Service has coordinated with you.
  • Ask your children to stay in the bedroom until the gas boiler is repaired.
  • Leave the area around the gas boiler quiet so that the repairman has more freedom of action.
  • If you tried to fix it yourself before asking for a gas boiler repairman, be sure to tell the repairman about it.
  • During gas boiler service, do not disturb the repairman’s work and do not constantly ask him questions.
  • After the repairs are finished, check the device so that all its problems are solved.
  • Aqua Stats
  • Water Regulator
  • Back Flow Preventer
  • Expansion Tanks
  • Air Vents
  • Gas Control
  • Thermocouple
  • Pilot Assembly
  • Zone Control Valves
  • Mixing Valves
  • Automatic Damper
  • Control Board
  • Control Module
  • Transformers
  • Relays
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Viessmann Boiler Repair – Common Problems

Viessmann is one of the best boilers in the market, but just like every single boiler, it needs to be serviced and maintained properly.

We receive high-volume calls regarding Viessmann boiler repair problems, We are going to discuss some common problems on Viessmann boilers.

F4 Error code:  if you see an F4 error code on your boiler screen that indicates an ignition problem on your boiler.

The ignition problem on Viessmann  boilers is not just an ignition problem, but we as a Viessmann boiler repair and service company have our technicians fully trained at Viessmann


So our technicians are familiar with all problems on Viessmann boiler, as we mentioned F4 error codes is an ignition problem but the main problem that causes this error to appear on the screen is improper service.

Viessmann Boiler repair

Viessmann Boiler repair

FF Error code 

During our Viessmann boiler repair service calls sometimes we see FF error code appear on the screen .

This error code indicates that the main control board on your Viessmann boiler has a problem.

In this case you definitely need to contact Viessmann boiler repair service technician to diagnose the exact problem.

 But as we mentioned in most of the cases this error code indicates the main control board failure.

 This controller on your Viessmann boiler has to be replaced by a certified gas contractor or preferably a certified Viessmann boiler repair technician.

Viessmann Boiler Service, Proper Service Would Have Included:

  • Removing the burner
  • Vacuuming out the ash
  • Confirming gas pressure at high fire
  • Cleaning P-trap cleaning
  • P-trap checking for vent connection leaks.
Viessmann boiler repair

Viessmann Vitodens High Efficiency Residential Boiler Benefits

We as a Viessmann boiler repair company do install these boilers as well

Viessmann was one of the first to come out with a wall hung boiler they had it out for a number of years, and they made a lot of modifications to it and and Its  got a really good product.

  • Titanium stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Fully condensing fully modulating
  • It’s a condensing boiler that that does what it says it’s gonna do.
  • The heat exchanger has got a lifetime warranty to the residential customer
  • The quietness of the boiler just it’s really outstanding

The modulating boiler it modulates to whatever temperatures desired, so if you have a regular appliance and it’s a ninety thousand BTUs and it kicks in every time and it fires at 90

thousand BTUs, a modulating boiler will kick in a lot lower and modulate to whatever based on the time it’s running it’ll modulate to whatever temperature need.

So it fluctuates on the BTUs so you’re not burning full capacity all the time so if the house requires 40,000 BTUs the boiler will run at 40,000 reggie’s private needs 90 it’ll run at 90.

So if you’re looking into repairing your Viessmann boiler or if you want to do an annual service and inspection on your Viessmann boiler we are here for help.

 There is no limit for our certified and trained technicians when it comes to troubleshooting this boiler.

 If your boiler is old and you are thinking of upgrading your boiler we can walk you through process boiler replacement with our company.

Features of efficient heating service and repairs

Below are the most important features of our company’s services:

High security service

All the specialists who are working in efficient heating service have been examined and do not have any bad history or special diseases.

Professional and skilled experts

All the repairmen who are working in efficient heating service are tested and their skills are assessed.

Service at your desired time

In our opinion, one of the most important services that a gas boiler repair company should provide is to be dispatched at the customer’s desired time. Therefore, after registering the request in efficient heating service, the repairman will contact you and make the necessary arrangements to be sent to the place.

Service warranty

All services of efficient heating company include warranty. You can coordinate the warranty period after contacting our technical expert.

Advice and telephone support

If you need advice to repair your gas boiler, our technical experts at efficient heating service are your answer. You can also express your satisfaction with the services provided in the survey section.

Call : 7787984343

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