Hot Water Tank Repair , Service and Replacement in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley

Hot Water Tank Repair and Replacement

Efficient Heating Services offers professional emergency repair for all hot water Heaters,  repair and Replacement is including gas water heaters, electric water heaters, and on-demand and tankless hot water systems. If you experience any of the following issues with your hot water system:

Call Us if…

  •  flooding or leaking from water Heater
  • partial hot water,
  • rust and corrosion in water, and around Water Heater
  •  rumbling noise from your Hot water tank,
  • high pitched whining sound from your water tank,
  • No Hot Water

call Us , and we can Book Your Appointment  to repair or replace your Water Heater 24/7/365

Extra Services we Offer

Efficient Heating Services also provides water heater services such as:

  •  We Can Replace hot water tank elements,
  • Service Burner on Your  gas hot water tanks,
  •  We Can Control water hammering in  Your Hot Water Tank or Pipes
  •  We Also Do General hot water Heater  service and Cleaning
  • Pool heater repair and replacement.

Water Heater System Installations

one of the the best Ways to save money and energy is to Buy a new water heater.Efficient Heating Services offers quick, professional Water Heater installations for  gas water heater and electric water heaters

there are new higher efficiency Water Heaters  available. At Efficient Heating Services we’ll determine your needs and recommend  options for your water heating system, for More information Check our High Efficiency Water Heater page   

You Can Get 200 – 500 $  FortisBC Rebate , if You install New Energy Star Hot Water Tank

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