John Wood Water Heater Repair and Installation

John Wood Water Heater Repair , Service and Replacement in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley

We Repair , Install , and Service John Wood Water Heater , Our Heating Service Technicians with Years Of Experience in Hot Water tank repair and installation are 24/7 available to take your Service Call and Repair Your Water Heater
if You Are unable To relight Your Water Heater , your Hot Water Tank is Leaking and You Want To Replace it ! You Are in Honest and Professional hands with Efficient Heating Services
We Carry All Hot Water Tank Makes and Models

  • Drain Valve
  • Gas Control
  • Piezo Ignitor Assembly
  • Pilot Assembly
  • Thermocouple
  • High Limits
  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

John Wood Water Heater Service Location

Call : 778-798-4343

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