Furnace Repair West Vancouver

Efficient Heating service is providing furnace repair , service and replacement in West Vancouver . you will have our friendly technicians at your home right after booking your appointment
as long as you have our experienced technicians on your furnace! you will have it fixed and serviced in less than 1 hour

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Gas Furnace efficiency

Gas Furnace efficiency is what? The annual fuel usage efficiency ratio (AFUE) is a commonly used standard measurement for assessing central furnace efficiency. The US Department of Energy mandates that all heating manufacturers comply with this standard rating.

A high Gas Furnace efficiency has an AFUE rating of at least 90% and up to 98.5%. Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency, or AFUE, is a measurement of how much heat a furnace can extract from the fuel it uses, and it is ultimately responsible for determining how energy-efficient a heating and cooling system is.

British Thermal Units (BTU) are used to measure the quantity of heat produced by a furnace to the amount of fuel utilised at the same time. The Department of Energy mandates that all manufacturers place a yellow Energy Guide sticker with the furnace’s efficiency on it. In addition, most manufacturers provide the AFUE for each model they offer on their websites and in printed materials.

Gas Furnace efficiency should be checked before purchasing the Furnace. The minimal efficiency model of the future may be today’s mid- or high-efficiency furnaces because efficiency criteria are constantly changing.

An effective heating system can be quite alluring to homeowners who want to have the newest technology while perhaps lowering energy expenses and environmental impact. Less heating fuel is required for comfort thanks to these models’ excellent heat-to-fuel conversion capabilities, which reduce emissions.

Gas Furnace Replacement in West Vancouver

Gas Furnace replacement is a must on several occasions. If you’re converting a heating system rather than replacing an existing natural gas furnace, you’ll need to increase your spending. Every gas furnace has a rating for fuel efficiency. There are three categories for these Gas Furnace efficiency ratings, each with a range of prices.

How frequently should a gas furnace be replaced? A gas furnace should typically be changed after 15 years. A gas furnace should almost always be replaced after 30 years. A gas furnace needs to be replaced as soon as possible if it starts to lose efficiency or become hazardous to use.

Furnace repair West Vancouver : we carry all furnace parts in our Vans

  • thermocouple
  • pilot Assembly
  • Gass Valves
  • Fan limits
  • Inducer Fan
  • Pressure switch
  • Surface Ignitor
  • flame rod Sensor
  • Filters
  • shafts
  • capacitors
  • condensation pump
  • control board
  • belt drive motor
  • Direct Drive Motor
  • Blower

Furnace Inspection West Vancouver

Efficient Heating Service provides Annual Furnace Inspection in West Vancouver and here is list of what our technicians do during furnace inspection in West  Vancouver

  • Check for sufficient combustion and ventilation air.
  • Check for 1-stage and 2-stage gas pressures.
  • Check pressure switches and inducer motor.
  • Check the thermocouple, flame rod sensor and surface igniter.
  • Check thermal disks.
  • Check condensation system and pump.
  • Adjust the fan blower as required.
  • Lubricate the motor.
  • Inspect the venting system.
  • Perform a venting spillage test
  • Replace or clean the filter.
  • Perform temperature rise and adjust the motor speed as

We are Dealing With All Makes and Models

Furnace repair West Vancouver ( Select Your Location in Greater Vancouver )

Furnace replacement West Vancouver

Our certified and experienced gas fitters, with lots of experience at installation in West Vancouver  are waiting to take your old Furnace out and put the new one in , Safe And professional
So call us if you are planing to upgrade your Furnace  to High Efficiency one!

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