Our Furnace repair New Westminster, Furnace service New Westminster and Furnace installation New westmindter gas furnace repair and service technicians

 are fully equipped and ready to diagnose, repair, service or replace your furnace in New Westminster.

 When it comes to repairing servicing or installing any gas appliances you need to hire certified gas contractor to do the job.

 Efficient heating and air conditioning is proud to have the most trained, certified and experienced gas fitters that they can do all Furnace related works safely and efficiently.

All our gas fitters are certified under the BC Safety Authority 

Furnace repair New Westminster
Furnace repair New westminster

Furnace Repair New Westminster

When your furnace breaks down one of the most important things is to find a company that carries all furnace parts for different makes and models.

As we have been dealing with all furnace makes and models our furnace repair New Westminster technicians do carry all necessary parts in our vans.

 There is no waiting for the parts anymore with Efficient heating and air conditioning.

Give us a call if your furnace is not working or if you want to service your furnace, our technicians will drop by with needed Parts and Equipment to get the job done.

  • thermocouple
  • pilot Assembly
  • Gass Valves
  • Fan limits
  • Inducer Fan
  • Pressure switch
  • Surface Ignitor
  • flame rod Sensor
  • Filters
  • shafts
  • capacitors
  • condensation pump
  • control board
  • belt drive motor
  • Direct Drive Motor
  • Blower

Furnace repair New Westminster, service and inspection

If your concern is efficiency and safety for your furnace you definitely need could inspect and maintain your gas furnace before the cold season starts.

A lot of heating companies getting busy during the cold season and they are busy with repairing and installing furnaces and boilers, it is really hard to find a company that can fit you in their

schedule in the coldest time in the winter.

So always keep this in mind that the best time for maintaining and servicing the furnace is in the fall.

 The other thing about servicing a furnace is doing proper service, you need to know the company that you are hiring to inspect and service your furnace, what exactly they do.

We as a furnace service, inspection and installation company have a checklist.

 Our technicians do carry this checklist during each furnace service inspection, The list below is our checklist during a furnace inspection .


  • Check for sufficient combustion and ventilation air.
  • Check for 1-stage and 2-stage gas pressures.
  • Check pressure switches and inducer motor.
  • Check the thermocouple, flame rod sensor and surface igniter.
  • Check thermal disks.
  • Check condensation system and pump.
  • Adjust the fan blower as required.
  • Lubricate the motor.
  • Inspect the venting system.
  • Perform a venting spillage test
  • Replace or clean the filter.
  • Perform temperature rise and adjust the motor speed as

We are dealling with all Furnace makes and models

Furnace repair and service locations

Furnace installation New Westminster

Our certified and experienced gas fitters, with lots of experience  furnace installation in New Westminster,  are waiting to take your old Furnace out and put the new one in.

Call us if you are planing to upgrade your Furnace to High-Efficiency one!.

There is rebates available through our company, if you upgrade from old Mid- Efficiency to High- Efficincy Furnace


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