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furnace maintenance Vancouver A furnace is not too complicated but just like changing the oil in your car a furnace needs to be maintained

to keep it running at its very best a furnace should be serviced once a year and that’s normally best in the fall before the heating season kicks into high gear

Now the some things a homeowner can do but it should be done by a qualified HVAC technician.

A forced air furnace ,  takes air from the building through the large  duct called the return.

Air comes down to the bottom and there’s a fan also called a blower and that pushes that air up across a heat exchanger and as a gas flame inside that heat exchanger to heat the air ,

that air goes by the heat exchanger out through The supply duct right out to the registers back to the building.

our technicians are all certified under BC Safety Authority

Furnace Maintenance Greater Vancouver

When We Do Furnace Maintenance Vancouver , one of the first things We check is the air filter.

It is  always positioned on the return side , and it is designed to collect hair ,  dust pet dander ,  just about anything.

Doing Furnace  Maintenance Vancouver is Really important because you want the air going back to the building to be clean .

Now if a fidirty, dirty , the air works a lot harder to get back to the furnace, which drops the efficiency on the furnace and it can lead to service issues.

doing Furnace maintenance is something and Some Stuff that Home owner needs to be aware is something els ! you really want to keep Furnace Room  and 

area of combustion clear,  and that’s something the HVAC tech will check as part of the annual service.

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Furnace Maintenance Greater Vancouver

Furnace Maintenance technician can do a combustion efficiency test to determine the percentage of the fuel that you paid for.

The older Furnaces are burning at about   eighty one point six percent.

Modern furnaces can be as high as ninety seven percent ,during Furnace Maintenance they’ll also check a very important safety devices and sensors .

By Doing the proper Furnace maintenance , Your Furnace should last at least twenty years .

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