Furnace installation in Vancouver

Furnace installation in  Vancouver and Fraser Valley


It’s the getting Cold  and  still you haven’t  looked at your furnace ? When you turn on your furnace for after 5-6 Month being Off!, if you hear unormal sounds or notice that the warm air is barely coming out of your vents, for Sure something is wrong. whenever You see these sings or any other strange sings please do not  leave it Like that ! when it comes to dealing With Gas appliances you Must Make Sure that your Furnace Or Boiler Runs 100% safe ! it Might Be Time To Upgrade Your System With the New High Efficiency One Witch Runs Safe by itself!

There are so Many Safety Switches in New High Efficiency Furnaces that Makes it realy Safe and Risk Free. even if something is Wrong with Your Furnace you Are Still Safe and the reason is safety Switches!

The way that New High Efficiency Furnaces Are designed and Wired ,makes it super Safe

For example safety Switches at certain level of Temperature (when it gets to hot ) will automatically open the ciruit and the Gas control Will stop Sending Gas to the burners and You Are Safe

Safety Switches are just one Example ! there are so many other safety component in New High Efficiency Furnaces Witch You Can Contact Us 24/7 To ask any Questions about New High Efficiency Furnaces and Get Free consultation Either on phione or Have us in Your home!

Residential & Commercial Maintenance & Repairs

When you call us for furnace repairs in Grater Vancouver and Fraser Valley, we’ll Start Finding  the problem on Your Furnace,   our technicians have so much experience in Furnace Services, the process will be very Fast and Clean !. We Carry high standards of cleanliness that we maintain at all our Jobs, and our repairs won’t interrupt your business’ daily schedule or leave your home in a mess.

The most common furnace problems

  • Dirty filters
  • Pilot light problems
  • Blower continuously running
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Cycling between on and off
  • Gas feed/valve issues

some of mentioned problems are easy an realy low cost issues and some of them not! But Efficient Heating Service always offers best Deals! You Can easily  Compare our repair , Service and installation Costs with other Companys .we have 5-10 Years Warranty on any new Furnace installation 1 year Warranty on any repair and Services, Call for Expert Furnace installation , Repair or Services


 Furnace installation and Service area

Best High Efficiency Furnaces


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