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Boiler Service Vancouver, Have you ever had an engineer come to do a service on your boiler and it looks alittle bit like this?Yeah looks alright So what should be included in your boiler service? A boiler service is not just about making sure your system is working correctly its also about your safety. No-one can guarantee your safety properly if they are not actually having a look at what is inside of your boiler. So make sure they are taking parts out, giving it a good clean, okay it might be a new boiler it may not need much of a clean but it still needs to be checked. So make sure they are doing that. It should take half an hour to 45 minutes for someone to really give a boiler a good look over. All safety devices need to be checked.its not just a take the case off have a look and put it back on. Along with that we also need to go around check your radiators for you. Check your hot water cylinder for you. If you have tanks up in the loft, a lot of people never even think of going up there until such times as water comes through the ceiling.So we should be going up there and checking that for you. And one last thing, before that engineer leaves make sure you get your paperwork. A safety checklist, service check sheet is really important as its a legal document. Therel be any advisories on there for safety or energy efficiency to help you save money.


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