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When it Comes to Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Services, here are Some Facts You as a Home or building owner should know about, we’ve been talking about some of the things that you should look up when you’re doing service and why maybe you should do service and maintenance on your AC equipment.

Air Conditioning Repair Vancouver

one of the reasons today is power electricity and gas! it’s not going any less expensive ,  in fact as you know becoming more expensive almost on a daily basis.

So what does that have to do with Air Conditioning maintenance?

But the fact of the matter is that if you have a good and proper Maintenance program in place on your air conditioning equipment, it can help you to reduce and economize on your energy costs!
It’s quite easy if you don’t replace the filters on your system your fan has to work that much harder to get air through dirty Filters,

So there’s two issues there first of all you’re drawing air through dirty filters and because the filters are Dirty of that too you’re probably proving some of that dirt off the filter and distribute into the space. So your fans what can have that your filters are clogged there’s a danger to the rest of the equipment .

and you’re probably making some Dirty Air at helping some duct here to be delivered to the space so by changing the filters you can reduce the cost of operating the fan nowadays many rooftop package air conditioners are fitted with what we call an economizer,

an economizer is simply it’s not simply it’s actually very complicated but I’m not going to get into here but basically what an economizer does is it allows the unit to decide if the air outside is cool enough to provide cooling in the space without running the mechanical system.

Air Conditioning Repair Richmond, Air Conditioning Service Richmond, Air Conditioning Maintenance Richmond, Air Conditioning Repair and Service

What does that have to do with Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Richmond?

If you can use Outside air to provide cooling for the space, you don’t have to run your compressor! you don’t have to run your condenser fan, you can save money but your economizer has to be working properly.

If the economize it isn’t working, you’re going to be running mechanical cooling when you shouldn’t be, or conversely, you’re going to be running mechanical cooling when you should be and you’re also going to be drawing in too much Outside air. That is why it’s important to ensure that economizer is working.

You can only do that if somebody is looking at the equipment and inspecting on a regular basis so when you’re paying for a maintenance inspection these are the types of things that you’re paying for.

and you should know that and you should get that information from your service contractor that’s why you should be using Efficient Heating and Air Conditioning

Not so many years ago air conditioning was a luxury was saved only to the privileged few nor do is not in many offices and public transport systems . So it is a part of our life, whether we want it or not.

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