Boiler Repair

we are the boiler experts that you can trust to find out any problem you have with your heating system. We have been doing boiler repair over years. With a staff of certified Boiler technicians with years in this Trade, there’s no one faster to call for your boiler repair. Our service is guaranteed, and customer satisfaction is the most important goal in our team. our line is 24/7 open call anytime to get free advise and free estimate !

Signs your boiler may be in need of repairs

when you see any wate rleak from your pipes
No hot water
Noisy pipes , Noisy Boiler
when Boiler shuts of and on frequently
Damaged pipe and Valves
Electrical problem
when your not getting proper heat


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Boiler Repair, Boiler Service , Boiler installation in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley

when it comes to boiler repair , Service, or installation ,Efficient Heating Service is the most Efficient Company that you can count on! years of experience in this field gives us this confident to say there is no limitation for us in Boiler related jobs! regular boiler cleaning , any kind of boiler repair ,boiler safety inspection, professional high efficiency Boiler installation ! we do all and our job , products and services is under warranty.

Aqua Stats
Water Regulator
Back Flow Preventer
Expansion Tanks
Air Vents

Gas Control
Pilot Assembly
Zone Control Valves
Mixing Valves

Automatic Damper
Control Board
Control Module

Boiler Makes and Models



Boiler Service Vancouver


Super Hot



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How much its gana cost me to fix my boiler

its depend on what needs to be fixed and how long the repair will take. Efficient Heating Service makes every effort to repair your boiler problem in the most resonable cost and at the same time they are fully trained and they are following all safety standards. Our technicians will often be able to offer some options to repair your boiler Cheaper boiler unit parts and components may not last as long as some more expensive ones and require repair or replacement relatively quickly. When it comes to boiler repair, our certified technecians will always offering best choises And you can shop around and ask from competing companies as you need to satisfy yourself that you are getting the best


Boiler Repair
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