Furnace Repair Service

Efficient Heating Service  is doing Furnace repair Service , We are one of the high rated and most trusted HVAC company in Grater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area.

Furnace – Repair and Service all makes and models 

Furnace Service Benefits

When furnace Air filter gets dirty . it can cause restriction of Air flow on your Furnace.

Air flow is the number 1 Factor in Furnace operation.

by Having an Air purifier on Your Furnace you Can breathe Cleaner air.

Make sure to get a air cleaner for your Furnace.

You Should Hire Furnace and duct Cleaning Companies to Clean Your Furnace and Air ducts.

Try To Do this every 2 year.

When you have a Furnace , You Can Have Central Air Conditioner at the Same Time.

When You Get a New Furnace, if you want You Can Get a Furnace AC Combo For Better Deal .

Furnace and AC Maintenance can improve The Life of your Heating and Cooling System.

Most of the Furnace Companies in BC, are trying to encourage Home owners to get new High Efficiency System.

Cleaning is one of the most important Factors in having a safe heating system .

if You Are looking into new Furnace, Furnace Cost is all depends to make and model and Efficiency rate.

Ducting is really important when the technician is trying to Measure the proper furnace size for your House.

By choosing higher Efficiency rate Furnace ,  You Can Save More Money on Your Gas Bill.

Cleaning Furnace Filter can improve life of your Furnace we always have Furnace for Sale, just give us a call most of the Furnaces are running on Gas! We don’t see oil Furnaces these days!

Furnace Repair Service

Our Furnace Repair Guys are Certified and Experienced .

we have seen lots of small gas leaks that have made big problems.

Having a Safe heating system during the winter is your first priority . call our 24/7 Emergency Line if you need Help for Furnace Repair.

If You Have Gas Furnace! Installing a heat pump Can Give You Secondary Heat Source  . annual Furnace Inspection must be done every year before Cold season starts.

Our Furnace inspection Cost is 99.95 $.

If You Have an Air Conditioner with Your Furnace and its keep freezing up  , You Must Call for Service . because it can completely freeze your Coil.

Most of the time we get Calls from Customers Complaining That Furnace Leaking . and it’s all about improper Drainage.


When it comes to Furnace Makes and Models, Lennox is the Most Expensive Brand in the Market.

Having low air flow on furnaces is Because of plugged Filter don’t ever think about Furnace maintenance Cost! Because doing Furnace maintenance can save your life.


This is completely wrong attitude if you say, My Furnace is New, and I Don’t Need to call for inspection efficient Heating is going to be With You.

When You Search For Furnace Near me.


Natural Gas is so much Cheaper than Electric  . So if You Have a Heat pump as a Secondary Heat Source  , Don’t use your Heat pump! Use your Furnace Cause it runs on Gas.

If your Furnace is not Working, Don’t try to involve and always Call Certified Company . there is a lot of Furnace Repair Companies out there.

Always call the most trusted one . furnace rebate in BC is always available, you can check Fortis BC Website for more info.

Furnace Service Technicians, must check For Gas leak and CO Leak .  and also do proper Tune up, when they do Furnace inspection.

Furnace Service Cost depends  on which Company You Call .

most of these companies do Sale Furnaces as well (if you want to get a new Furnace!)

If during Your Service.

Technician realizes that something is wrong he can do troubleshooting

And one of the common Problems is a Thermostat failure.

And if you have a UV light installed on Your Furnace He should check it out and See if it’s working properly.

Checking for Vents and making sure that is fully open is another part of Furnace Service but if you have furnace with Air conditioner or with Heat pump your service should take more time.


Generally furnace yearly maintenance can prevent a lot of problems like

Leaking and ….





Carbon Monoxide Hazards

Carbon Monoxide Hazards

In this article we will Talk about CO Leak in Gas Appliances .

 can water heater , Furnace , Boilers and Fireplaces leak carbon monoxide ?

before start Reading This Article we want To let You Know that the information in This article are Based on Real Work Experience , Because We are a Company that is Specialist  in repair , Install and Maintain Gas Appliances for Years

we Do Furnace Maintenance, Repair and Install , Boiler Maintenance, repair and Install , Fireplace repair and Service , Water Heater Maintenance , repair and Install .

This is really a big deal in our industry because we walk into houses quite often where the vent is not hooked up properly and that actually allows carbon monoxide  to be released into the house.

if Your Gas  appliances improperly installed you can have problems gas water heaters burn natural gas to create the heat to heat the water,

so what happens is those exhaust fumes go up through the flue in the middle of a water heater.

and when they go through this flue it’s so they can go up exit out to the atmosphere where they’re not going to be a problem .

we’ve got carbon monoxide in the atmosphere very low levels not enough to hurt anybody but if your water heaters  , Furnace , Boiler or Fireplace installed properly  , more direct to the point if the vent is stalled improperly then you can get carbon monoxide gas in your house.

now if you look at the top of the water heater you’ve got the little chimney funnel on top and then you’ve got your flue pipe that sets right down on it.

  it should set down on it  securely  .

the weight of the pipe should actually keep it sitting on it.  we’ve actually walked in houses where the piece of pipe has been pulled off ,  we’ve walked in houses where the piece of pipe has been set over to the side where it’s not lined up !!

anything like this is going to allow carbon monoxide to get directly into your house.

Gas furnace is up in your attic , if you look at them they’ve got that type B vent which is the double-wall vent coming off and going up through the roof and that is to get the carbon monoxide to get those fumes to get that exhausted gas burn smell fumes .

  everything out of the house and I said smell there’s really not a lot of smell to it you normally you need a gas meter or a carbon monoxide detector to come in and test for it .

but  it’s a gas that can make you really sick and even lead up to death so your gas furnace and your water heater are the two biggest things that can cause carbon monoxide in your house if they’re not properly vented or they’re poorly installed , either way  this can lead to problems for you , it can lead to problems for your kids it can lead to problems for anybody that stays in your house or comes in your house

We all have different tolerance levels as to what we can take and what our bodies can handle , but carbon monoxide is a gas you really don’t want to mess with , so we  said earlier that it could be deadly

there are some signs to look for

The symptoms for carbon monoxide start off with headache , okay if every time you go home you get a headache even if it’s a little headache this is something you may need to check  , then it can lead to weakness , then to dizziness ,  when you’re moving around all of a sudden you get up you’ve been sitting in the chair for a while you get up you’re kind of dizzy  nausea and vomiting !

Those are two signs of carbon monoxide poisoning shortness of breath and then confusion , you can also get blurred vision you can get loss of consciousness ,  loss of consciousness is the one that once you reach that point the these carbon monoxide levels have gotten,

So high that it is really damaging your body so the bad thing is after loss of consciousness , if you’re there in that situation too long it can lead to death .

carbon monoxide is one thing you don’t want to mess with it’s one reason why we tell people look plumbers are- or water heaters are supposed to be installed by licensed plumbers they’re supposed to be inspected they’re supposed to pull a permit on it .

These are big things for this reason you want to get that plumbing inspector in to look at it to see if the job was done properly, if it’s vented properly and if it’s installed properly .

So , When it Comes to Gas Leave The Job To Professionals

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Furnace Operation Step by Step

Furnace Full Operation

Although furnaces can differ from model to model they operate on similar principles .

in this Article we will address how a furnace works , as well as potential problems you may encounter.

the heating capacity of the furnace is measured using a British thermal unit or BTU , most furnaces are rated between 40,000 and 130,000 BTU . forced-air furnaces can be installed to send heated air up, down or sideways to accommodate the space in which the furnace is to be installed . gas burners fuelled by either natural gas or propane are used to generate the heat , modern gas furnaces have two separate airflow systems , which operate while the furnace is running .

the first system uses a draft inducer fan motor to draw air into the burner assembly . the air allows the burners to warm the heat exchanger , the air within the burner assembly is then exhausted to the outside of the home , which is necessary since this air contains toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide.

the second air system uses a blower fan to draw air through the returned vent blow it  , past the heat exchanger and force it through the homes venting .

the room air is then drawn back through the returned and the airflow cycle continues .

Furnace Repair Vancouver

once the room air has warmed sufficiently  , the wall thermostat signals the furnace to turn off until the room temperature decreases this process can be broken down into .




Four main factors
1-temperature control
4- air circulation

The temperature in the home is regulated by the wall thermostat ,  the thermostat can be powered by the Furnace control board or by batteries . the thermostat must be in a central location in the home , positioned at eye level and away from direct sunlight for proper temperature regulation  . when the thermostat detects a decrease in temperature ,  it switches on the heat circuit and the furnace control board begins the ignition process.


When the Furnaces residential power switch is turned on , and heat is needed the furnace goes through a timed ignition sequence .

the sequence begins with the control board , sending 120 volts of alternating current to the draft inducer fan motor , the inducer fan motor draws air into the burner assembly ,  which may be the air surrounding the furnace or fresh outside air supplied by a pipe .

once the fan reaches its maximum speed ,  a vacuum switch is closed which ensures that gas will not enter the furnace  , unless the toxic fumes can be exhausted ,  if the inducer motor does not turn on or runs too slow  , the vacuum switch will not close and the ignition sequence will stall .

once the vacuum switch closes , 24 volts will travel through the switch  , and one or more limit switches allowing the control board to continue the startup .


The control board now sends 120 volts to a glow bar style igniter  . depending on the model a defective igniter will halt the ignition sequence and prevent the furnace from heating.

if you experience this problem a globe R style igniter can be tested for continuity to help determine , if the part is functioning or not be aware , that some models will use a spark igniter instead .

spark igniters will also receive voltage from the control board , but the amount of voltage is greatly increased and will pulse to create the spark after a set period of time .


The control board sends 24 volts to the Gas valve  , opening it and allowing gas to flow over the igniter   establishing a flame .

once the gas is ignited a flame sensor detects whether or not a flame is present , if the burners do not light or will not stay lit the flame sensor may need to be cleaned with a fine abrasive pad  , to ensure it can detect the flame or the sensor may need to be replaced .
mounted on the burners are one or more flame rollout limit switches that ensure the flame is drawn through the burners  , if the inducer fan motor cannot draw enough air through the burners  , the rollout limit switch will open and the troll board will shut off the voltage to the gas valve.

if the furnace is located in a closet or another cramped area  , the limited available air may prevent the combustion process from working. Properly closet doors will need to be louvered or space left at the bottom of the door to ensure proper air flow .




Once the combustion process is complete  ,  the control board will send 120 volts to the circulation blower fan motor .the blower fan draws air through the returned vent blows it  , past the heat exchanger and forces it through the homes venting .

over time heat exchangers may crack and cause carbon monoxide to leak into the air being circulated throughout the home ,  since carbon monoxide poisoning can result in death , we recommend that only experienced professionals repair or replace damaged heat exchangers. Under normal working conditions the furnace will exhaust the carbon monoxide through a flue or exhaust pipe to the outside of the home , if the flue or pipe breaks cracks or rusts ,  carbon monoxide will contaminate the air .

to help keep you safe a carbon monoxide detector should be installed near the bedrooms of your home and it’s batteries checked regularly, if a leak is detected the furnace should be shut off immediately.


condensation often builds up in the exhaust pipe of high efficiency furnaces  , for this reason a condensate pump or floor drain is needed. the most important factor in efficient furnace operation is air circulation  , to ensure proper air circulation ,  the furnace filter should be checked monthly and replaced as needed .

There are several types of filters available and range from 1 to 5 inches thick  , the filter can be installed into the slot ,  in the return or in an air cleaner,  some homes will have an electronic air filter which is powered by the furnace control board  , when the circulation blower fan turns on 



 Mounted  near the heat exchanger  , is a safety limit switch that monitors the air temperature , if the filter is clogged or the circulation blower fan motor fails  , the heat exchanger will overheat .

the limit switch will open and the Control Board will shut off voltage to the gas valve , to prevent damage to the furnace the blower fan motor can run at multiple speeds to improve efficiency .

lower speeds are used when the furnace is heating and higher speeds are used for air conditioning .

a noisy furnace is often the result of the draft inducer motor wearing out ,  if the circulation blower fan is causing the noise the set screw on the blower wheel may have loosened causing the wheel to wobble on the motor shaft.

you can fix this problem by tightening or replacing the screw or replacing the blower wheel .

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